Change how you floss forever

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The portable innovation in flossing that makes it easy to floss. Both for users and professional dental hygiene offices. With the Floss Boss you can achieve new control and reach in your floss. Flossing isn’t terrible anymore. It’s about time we started flossing. It will become your favorite new hobby.

Finally, an innovation that makes flossing easy.

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While toothbrushes have been redesigned and developed every year, no one solved the fundamental challenges of proper flossing.. until now!

Flossing Made Easy..
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Flossing with a new hygiene standard. No hands in your mouth, easy reach of all areas, and clean floss for every tooth.

..Even with Braces
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Even patients with corrective devices can now achieve the benefits of precision, targeted flossing.

Invented and Tested by a Veteran Dentist

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Dr. Michelle Borg, the inventor of the floss boss, operated a successful private dental practice for more than 20 years.


Dr. Borg has spent the last 12 years innovatively tackling the problem flossing.


“Throughout my 20 year career, I observed the unnecessary damage patients suffer from failing to floss regularly even when informed of the larger serious health risks involved. I grew especially concerned for those with additional barriers to complete oral hygiene. For patients undergoing orthodontic therapy (braces) patients with physical disabilities or even  complete reliance on an external caretaker, not flossing was much more than just a poor oral habit”

-Michelle Borg, D.D.S

Working with a team of engineers and product designers, Michelle developed the Floss Boss. The first genuine innovation in flossing since it was invented. 

Without proper flossing, your daily dental routine leaves 35% of the surface of your teeth unclean and vulnerable

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Everyone knows they should floss. It’s one of our favorite adult habits to ignore until the day we see the dentist.

What dental professionals know is why we should floss each day: Without flossing your are leaving 35% or more of the surface of your teeth open to tooth decay. Flossing also disrupts the BIOFILM of bacteria that is present between the teeth where a tooth brush can not access and water irrigators, or water flossers as they are normally referred to, are unable to reach. According to the NIH, 80% of chronic infections are associated with biofilm formation. Simply put, biofilm can grow quickly as they are living communities and organisms that stick together and attach to surfaces. The only way to disrupt this sticky biofilm BETWEEN teeth is through MECHANICAL manipulation as in flossing. That is why flossing is essential in that regard, and along with brushing, are still the standard of care and highly recommended by the ADA. Inflammation and disease in the mouth and gums has been demonstrated to have a large impact on the immune system.

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So the solution is to just start flossing, right? Unfortunately, no. Besides being unpleasant and unsanitary, the traditional floss method (fingers wrapped with floss) is difficult to actually perform correctly. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to do so for patients with dental corrective devices such as braces or head gear. 

Flossing has needed an upgrade for a long time, and after 10 years of testing Floss Boss is confident in our solution. 

A man with an open mouth and a heart in the middle of his chest.
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Try the Floss Boss

Experience the preferred flossing method of home users as well as professional offices. The compact design means you can floss anywhere, anytime, with clean floss for every tooth.

Peer Reviewed in the Dental World

Floss Boss has not only changed the lives of thousands of patients, it has revolutionized how dental and healthcare professionals clean their patient’s teeth. In this new era where protective and sanitary measures have become more important than ever, the Floss Boss is a well tested tool entering the spotlight in the dental world. 

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Kevin Barton, DDS, MS

"The Floss Boss has taken hygiene in our practice to the next level. It lets my orthodontic patients easily floss in between each bracket. It has turned our non-flossing patients into flossers, and our flossers into happy flossers"

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Courtney Hagen, RDH

"For patients who want more convenience, the Floss Boss is awesome. It can go into a bag, a purse, a gym bag, or into your desk."

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Josh Niswonger, DDS

“The Floss Boss is very different from other devices I’ve used. It’s very easy to get to hard-to-reach spots. It’s very sanitary, it lets you floss properly, and it makes flossing fun.”

Designed for Easy Use

The portable floss solution that not only makes flossing easy, but also convenient. The clip handle turns into a sanitary travel cap so you can simply throw it into your bag and go. Never again will you have to stick your hands in your mouth to clean your teeth.

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Your portable flossing solution

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Designed for easy use, simply follow the instructions provided with your product or watch the instructional video below to see a demonstration. 

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Try a single unit for yourself, or order boxes for your dental practice or care facility! 

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